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Feature requests

tfwoods3tfwoods3 Posts: 844Registered Users
edited January 10 in General Discussion
Let's say I am playing Cao Cao, and I want to help Yuan Shao fight against Dong Zuo at his boarder, by sending Xiahou Dun with 4 units under him. So I park Xiahou Dun's unit right next to Yuan Shao's stack. Alone, Dun is pretty vulnerable, but next to Shao's stack he is protected. The way this would work in Warhammer is that on Yuan Shao's turn he would end up moving to some location I do not expect and possibly leave Dun completely exposed to getting wiped out by Dong Zuo, because i cannot match Shao's move until my turn.

So the request is: Let me attach Dun's unit to Shao's stack, and as soon as that stack does any movement at all, I get to do Dun's movement on Shao's turn, not my turn. He is effectively under Shao's borrowed command. So if Shao does a move to attack, before he actually attacks, I have the option to move to him and reinforce., etc.

You could put limitations on this to curb abuse like:

- In this state you cannot initiate an attack

- Cannot be a full stack, just a support stack.


  • JerroserJerroser Posts: 198Registered Users
    This is actually something I have felt would make a nice addition for a while now, so that you can better confidante your armies with your allies and vassals.

    Another thing I might also add to that is to just make is to large stacks that are close enough together will actually get to be deployed together when they start a field battle. Since if they are clearly moving as a large army then it would make sense for them to just stick together within a reasonable distance so that they can move in to battle at the same time. Although perhaps setting it so that this only applies if they are really close and if have them reinforce as normal if they where more that a certain distance away.
  • Traum77Traum77 Posts: 41Registered Users
    Yup that's a good idea. Paradox games have had this for a while now - of course it's a bit harder to do with turn-based movements, but in single-player at least it would be a big help to be able to keep AI allies from walking into engagements they can't win.
  • Shogun_SanjuroShogun_Sanjuro Posts: 75Registered Users
    Thumbs up for this addition.

    I hope they add this kind of 'stance' to the game at some point.
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