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Major Bug/Error. Etruscan Artillery is completely broken

PtolemaiosLagouPtolemaiosLagou Registered Users Posts: 1
While I love the latest DLC and patch for rome 2, it's kind of mindblowing how things like this pass develpment and are still in the game.
The Etruscan artillery is completely broken. Etruscan Polybolos has stats and traits of a Ballista and Etruscan Ballista has stats and traits of Polybolos. For example, Etruscan Polybolos has 15 ammunition, instead of 60 and is labelled as field artillery while Etruscan Balista has 60 instead of 15 and is labelled as fixed artillery and can't move. In addition Etruscan Balistae has all the S&W of a normal Polybolos(eg. average range), and Etruscan Polybolos those of a normal Balista.
I hope someone from the development team sees this and adress the issue, since this should be a very easy fix for such
a big, immersion breaking bug(or more correctly, development error).
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