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Bug, Balance - Brettonia Coast_beta

AltarielAltariel Posts: 140Registered Users
Hello I played many games with brettonia in campaign and I think the IA in general is very Dumb, they got massacred and they are useless, fay enchantress it's the worst, before turn 15 already dead.

I found a bug playing with damzel the hero when they cast spell take a lot of damage. I dont know why

I also believe the garrison from some races are to weak when compared to other.

Brettonia got the worst garrison in game. The high Elven garrison is weak too, i think because it all times in my game they lose for Dark Elves if you do not interfere, Alarielle is a little dumb IA too.

I realize that IA women on the good side are weak and Dumb.... Because Morathi, Isabella and Hellbron are harder in campaing


  • Bogdanov89Bogdanov89 Posts: 515Registered Users
    if you overcast/overcharge spells there is a high chance the caster will suffer damage.
    Check out the Community Bug Fix Mod on the Steam Workshop.

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