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Mixing Factions in Custom Battles - Attila Grand and AOC

BalaminienGSBalaminienGS Posts: 20Registered Users
Hi, I'm currently working on a CK2/Youtube project and this requires me to try and grab footage of battles between the Western Roman Empire and an Islamic Faction, which I was going to use the Emirate of Córdoba.

A few things I'll note is that while my simple aim is to find a mod that enables cross dlc custom battles, I'm completely out of the loop on mods for Attila in general. So if anyone coming across this is a seasoned connoisseur of mods for Attila and delights in making shout outs to good mods I'll explain what I'm aiming for in greater detail.

I'm trying to grab footage of battles that'd in theory take place between a Western Roman Empire that managed to pull through in history (with a Flavius Honorius Augustus who in the divergent timeline proved to competent) and the Rashidun caliphs that would have threatened the domain that survived in Africa and Tripolitania centuries later. I'll note that in the play-through that I had the Sassanids where obliterated by the ERE and I'd be also looking into creating mock battles between a ERE and Rashidun forces as well.

I'd appreciate any mod that brings a ERE/WRE vs Rashidun look via custom battle and would take any insights on something I'm overlooking - all feedback will be appreciated!

(Final Note: I'll be browsing the steam workshops myself, but imagined I'd save the heartache of going through a dozen mods with a couple handpicked and recommended ones by people more ingrained in the modding community)
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