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How Can I Deselect a Unit on the Campaign Map Without Triggering New Turn?

Serpentine1Serpentine1 Posts: 9Registered Users
Sorry for the newbie question but the only advice I found on this turned out to be not helpful. I cannot find a way to deselect units (heroes, armies) on the campaign map that does not also cause a new turn sometimes. I read that the universal way to deselect is press enter. That works sometimes, but sometimes it also triggers a new turn. I sometimes am able to deselect by left clicking far away on the campaign map, but that is also tricky cause sometimes i mistakenly move a unit. What is the secret for this? Thanks, S.


  • FrontlinerDeltaFrontlinerDelta Senior Member Posts: 3,549Registered Users
    edited January 13
    Left-click on empty terrain should work every time to deselect anything.

    Not sure what's going on here for you.

    EDIT: Second line might not come off right, I meant that if the above doesn't work, then I'm not sure if you're having a bug or something.
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  • wunderb0rwunderb0r Junior Member Posts: 312Registered Users
    "enter" on the campaign map triggers the next notification, or, if there is none, the next turn. In battles tho, enter drops all selected units.

    As with agents and Lords, as replied by FrontlinerDelta, is to just click on any other space really Oo
  • CrajohCrajoh Member Posts: 1,313Registered Users
    Left click on an impassable area.
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  • Serpentine1Serpentine1 Posts: 9Registered Users
    Thanks a lot for the help!
  • Rochaid29Rochaid29 Senior Member Posts: 1,208Registered Users
    press escape?

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