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I complain before that i was tired of TW not because it was dull because it was only concentrate on Europe and its surrounding areas which meant just playing on the same map over and over whit the same units types.

So finally they did a Asian themed TW, which makes me happy just because it in another place whit different culture, differrent weapons, troops types etc.however.... i strongly think they should have done or can do on the next installment is a pre mongol TOTAL WAR:ASIA including Central Asia,Far East, Indochina, Indonesia and Siberia.

Imagine going down from the mountains as the Kingdom of Tiber whit their cool looking cavalry and conquering the Nanchao Polity, cand the south of the Song Dynasty and building a naval fleet to conquer the Korean Kingdom o Koryo... as the Song Chinese making allies of the Nepal and Nanchao, and crossing the Himalayas to conquer the northern Indian Kingdoms to open a land trade route to the Shadom in Persia, as the Indonesian Srivijaya create your fleet to raid and establish colonies on Japan, Korea and Sri lanka. or as the Khemer Empire unite all of Indochina and Indonesia into a nation rivaling India and China in size, as the one of many mongols tribes unite the rest enter and alliance whit Jurchen of the north and conquer Central Asia to create and everlasting empire, or want a more historic route? well what about the Vietnamese kicking the Mongols out 3 times

Many of you who don't know Asian history and this would open door to the great variety of kingdoms that existed in Asia and your way of thinking about Asian military history, many think it was only China. India, Japan....i think many of you dint know about the Srivijaya they were ONE of Indonesian maritime empire(similar to the Phoenicians) that rules for almost 800 years! along whit their rivals the Singhasari and Majapahit they dominated the Sea route of the Silk trade, bet many of you dint know that Tibet had Cavalry... or that India was not India India has 1,000 languages and hundreds of ethnics groups in that period it was divided into more than 12 of rival kingdoms vying for power.

Many People glorify only those 3, example Japan defended successfully one time against the Mongols and they were so desperate that they prayed, and casually the tsunami sunk the fleet... the proud samurai were shaking in their boots. they barely defeated them once. Now nobody talks about the disastrous defeat of the Mongols by the hands of the Dai Viet who destroyed the Mongols THREE TIMES and destroyed in Sea their fleet in the Battle of Bạch Dang were the Vietnamese sunk 400 ships. they only agreed to tribute because they knew the Mongol had numbers and armies beyond measure.

I bet nobody knew about the Qara Khtai sinicized(chinified) Khagnate of the west, remnants of the Liao Dynasty who fled to central asia when the Jurchen invaded the north....

So many nations, religions and military tactics.... this is a prime regions if any for a total war game. and would be freaking grand.


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    The only Total War Asia, should be

    Total War: The Rise of Chinghis!


    It has all 3 of the Chinese Dynasties

    It has the Korean kingdoms

    It has Japan

    The Unification of Mongolia (populated by Uighur, Turk, Tibetan, Jurchen and Mongol tribes).

    Persia-Afghanistan is ruled by the Khwarazeim

    India is ruled by several Muslim and Hindu dynasties

    Iraq is controlled by the remnants of the Abbasid Caliphate

    Byzantium still exists in Anatolia

    Syria, Egypt, Arabia and Palestine are ruled by some other Islamic rulers

    In the Thai-Viet lands, there reigns several Dai-Viet? kings and princes

    Indonesia and Malaysia are a mixture of Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu rulers, each competing in trade.

    There are many factions right here... all vying for power... this would be bigger than Total War Warhammer...
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