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UI Scaling Bug 200% at 4k

AkaalEliteAkaalElite MemberAustralia SydneyPosts: 100Registered Users
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Build Number: 12676.1556522
GPU: 2080ti ftw3, latest drivers, latest windows 10 drivers.
This is issues is present in Total war Rome 2 and Thrones of Britannia.
Though in game Ui Scale is set to 200%

The preferences.script shows "ui_scale 1.7" even though it says the values should range to 2. I have tried manually changing it to 2 but it does nothing. However, for example if i change the in game value to 180% it corresponds to "ui_scale 1.56" in the preferences.script file.

Warhammer 2 and Warhammer 1 do not have this issues but rather represent their value appropriately. Infact at 200% it actually feels like the scale as doubled, whilst in Rome 2 and Thrones of Britannia it does not look doubled and still a little small at 4k. I'm just comparing this to the other 2 titles and wondering why the inconsistency or is it a problem.

Right now i'm forced to lower the resolution of Thrones of Britannia from 4k to (1080p with UI Scaling 100% ) to make it look equivalent to Warhammer total War's 4k with UI scale 180-200%. Does not make sense right? Basicially Thrones of Britannia's 200% scale is nowhere near like Warhammers 200%.

1080p with UI Scaling 100%

4k with UI scale 200%

1440p (2560x1440) UI scale 200%

4k with UI scale 200%

You can see everything is significantly smaller in 4k which is expected. But why does not Thrones of Britannias 4k 200% scaling look anything near like to Warhammers 4k 200$ Scaling. Infact Rome 2 does not even have this issue of small writing with 200% scaling at 4k.

I have also tried deleting the script folder and then verifying game files via steam but no luck.

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  • AkaalEliteAkaalElite Member Australia SydneyPosts: 100Registered Users
    edited January 13
    Update: I found some setting such as God Rays and Cloud Shadows though shows disabled in the game are infact enabled in the preferences.script file (gfx_cloud_shadows true)(gfx_god_rays true). This leads me to believe that for some settings despite what i choose it remains unchanged within the actual settings file (preferences.script).

    Could the same be said about the above Scaling issue?
  • AkaalEliteAkaalElite Member Australia SydneyPosts: 100Registered Users
    Any updates CA, is this a bug? or is there another way to increase UI scale for 4k, because the 200% scaling is not even close to what the other total wars have. This is especially the case for the fonts sizes.
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