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3 Tomb Kings minor bugs (Technologies, RoR and LoL)

cans4852cans4852 Posts: 57Registered Users
edited January 12 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hey here are some bugs for tomb kings that I've recently noticed:

1) Tech "The Boon of Ualatp" does not apply to LoL "The Flock of Djaf";

2) This is more like a doubt: Tech "Clothed in the Divine" has a description saying it gives "Weapon strength" to Ushabti (Great Bow), reading the tech's description I think it was meant to be "Missile Damage" (like why buff the ranged unit's melee damage ? - It could be so but 've found it to be odd...

3) "The Blessed Legion of Phakth" has the "Armor sundering" property on their missiles. As you know there's a drawing next to the missile damage for this kind of attribute, however when this unit is in Khalida's army (where everyone has poison) the armor sundering icon doesn't show up which maybe think it didn't work at all at first, but now I have the unit on another army and it does show. See here:
EDIT: This also happens to Ushabti GB RoR "The Chosen of the Gods"' "Shield Breaker" ability, so I'm assuming all ranged stuff like this should be revised when in Khalida's army.

* No mods installed
* v1.5.0
* Build 8774.1520175


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