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Jedidias1Jedidias1 Posts: 89Registered Users
edited January 12 in General Discussion
Hi devs.
I would like to point two main problems I still find in Rome 2 after all the updates. I think if you manage to fix these two problems the game would be so much better in general.

1-AI recruitment. The AI still tends to recruit low tier units in their armies even if they have the money or buildings to recruit better ones.
Once the AI have an army it does not dissmis low tier units to recruit better ones when they have the conditions.
In consecuence even if you improve the AI behavior in the battlefield, they still would be so easy to beat because of the bad composition of their army, I have not find this problem so evident in other total war games.

2- Helenistic times had classic siege battles. It is imposible to have a good one when attacking in Rome 2 because the walles cities garrisong are a joke! There is not need to use siege machings because there is not need, almost all my siege battles finish in autoresolve. I think you need to improve the garrison system in this game.

I love Rome 2, and I know more improvements may be done besides the ones I am pointing.
But these two would be game quality improvements! So please dont give up and gave us one more update!

(English is my second lenguage, so sorry for mistakes)


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