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Shogun 2 Definitive Edition

PeliasPelias Posts: 3Registered Users
edited January 17 in Total War: SHOGUN 2
3 Total War games takes complete edition. In future ( maybe year from now) i suggest to release Shogun 2 Definitive Edition which contains:

Base Game
All Dlc's
Unrealesed Battle of Kawagoe from Shogun 2 GameStop pre-order
New playable faction Imagawa (with 2 or 3 unique units)
New basic unit - Ashigaru Crossbowmen.
Historical Battle - Siege of Ueda Castle 1600
Epilogue Historical Battle - Siege of Osaka 1615
Slight improvement of graphics and computer AI

I think this would be awesome. Many people thinks that Shogun 2 is the best game of the series. This decision would get their hearts.
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