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Long spears, formations, etc.

JorgeRioFJorgeRioF Registered Users Posts: 75
If there is something that does not put me squarely in the game that would be the "long" weapons (spears and halberds). They're not long and take me completely out of the game. It's not realistic and doesn't look very good. Instead of a line of high elves with spearheads sticking out above their heads they almost look like swordmen, and it doesn't even make sense. How are they supposed to be more effective against large units? Where are the lines of long spears that keep the enemies as far as possible? CA, please, if you want the game to look better, fix it. I beg you.
Another thing that came to my mind is the fact that we don't have formations. You said you didn't want to add them so the game wasn't too difficult. To be honest, if you add a few formations to some specific units that would be awesome and no, it wouldn't make it too hard, just a little. Oh, and please, add a disadvantage for when we activate the formation of Bretonnia's cavalry so we have a reason to think wether we should activate it or not and when. I can't understand why you changed that.
Well, one last thing. I hope you add more Legendary lords to factions like the Wood elves, the Beastmen or Norsca and hopefully you add new units to these.
Well, that was it.


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