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please can any help with making a unit form another faction playable in the vampires roster

Rune1993Rune1993 Posts: 8Registered Users
Hi i am looking for help is there anyone good with the total war shogan 2 creation kit and makeing new units for this game that could help me. i am not asking for much just help makeing 2 new units a general i can use to lead a army and a single unit i can train make as much as i want.

i would try myself but ive tryed on multiple other total war games i just cant get a hang of it my aspergus syndrome learning dificultys makes it hard for me if any can help would be greatful.

if any witch most likely do know of the game Ninja Gaiden with the ninja Ryu Hayabusa thats basicaly the unit i want it dosent have to be a total remake of the unit like custom models or anything.

just 2 ninja Ryu Hayabusa units a general and a single man unit basicaly like heros where there on there own you just need to take a unit model in game already that looks verry similar like the ninja unit maybe just change there name and few stats.

change the name give more health so they dont just die instently in a battle and put there sword damage up to how strong you think ninja Ryu Hayabusa is basicaly strong just not over powerd so he can hold his own with out any units backing him and maybe a bit faster on the feild if any can help.
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