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You're at the head of the company

BalaminienGSBalaminienGS Registered Users Posts: 20
Congrats, you are now the studio director at Great at Assembly (a subsidiary of Mega) and as the main visionary you are going to tell the team what you envision as the next Unconditional War title. Not only that, but the word is that the overlords at Mega Mammy Holdings Inc have given the green light down the chain that no expense will be spared - they've monopolized the pachinko game and have more money than they can influence legislation with! In fact, they'll buy a whole damn studio for you to integrate into the project if it's necessary!

The teams have gathered around you, all wide eyed and brimming with anticipation ... all wondering to themselves "What's the plan for the series with more than a dozen entries?" .


  • bruunv#5723bruunv#5723 Registered Users Posts: 137
    Dangerous superpositioning ;) As the boss with these modern 3 year careers id seek to strip the company to maximise short term profit (my bonus and stock options). And thus a mobile game with loot boxes and you have to llnk your Credit Card to play. Then hoping for unintentional clicks for ingame purchases. Named Alexander the great.

    As a dreamer id want to see a great war game... but knowing quite well it does not work at all with the stacking of troops into a few stacks. As opposed to having fronts and no doubt big visible hexes too.

    But what is next? Medieval III isnt entirely impossible, Esp if CA feels like having a deterministic diplomatic model based on honor. Honor is gained for doing various good deeds and very slowly for just being. Even more so if you swear and keep the promise like "i will never start a war against X neighbour" (costs honor to make in the first place). Attacking without due cause or even worse a ally or friend and all your honor is gone.. even deep into negative. But say going crusading and conquering all the middle east from the infidel would gain you enormous honor.
    With really high honor you could even make promises like "i will never invade christians" and be seen as a real hero. One more reason the crusader pledge would result in a christian peace.

    Oh and attacking someone honorable will cost a lot of honor, attacking scum will gain honor. infidel honor being just so much nonsense, in the outre mer such things matter only between coreligionists.
  • BalaminienGSBalaminienGS Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited February 2019
    Something about a short term profit without the foundations layered to guarantee a future beyond oneself makes a release like "Alexander the Great" seems on the nose haha

    I like how you brought up the idea of CA working further on the diplomatic elements, especially with Three Kingdoms coming up and the latest videos they've uploaded to support the release. I see a lot of complaints about the actual battles, how they have been stripped to a baser state in mechanical play, but on the flip side, the diplomacy may never have been showing itself in a greater state! A case where the diplomacy has been made able to further accommodate circumstances and tie into the individual characters and their relations towards one another and not just a state. This reflects well on your idea of an "Honor" acting akin to a separate resource that could come into play.

    I look to Thrones of Britannia and think "What if it was working with the diplomacy of The Three Kingdoms?", but that's when I see myself at the same time thinking "Ah! What if The Three Kingdoms had battles like Thrones of Britannia" and that is where I think you dear Ikki, have once again stricken a noise: to bring up a Medieval III.

    Do you know you have just given me a hope for this Company again!?

    May I ask that I could quote this conversation? I'm trying to start a Youtube channel, a place to put my thoughts and get reactions like this to help generate interesting conversations and I already know "Medieval 3" placed somewhere in the title will spur some attention. A video starting along the lines of "I came across an interesting comment that made me think the other day..." - only with your permission of coarse
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