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Attrition in own settlement?

BLD14BLD14 Registered Users Posts: 1
Just started a campaign as Dyflin and moved to attack enemy but they went around me and too an unguarded settlement meaning my army was in enemy territory. Then when my next turn started my army was apparently suffering from attrition from no supplies. This already seems strange as it was my first turn not in my own territory. I took the settlement back and garrisoned my army in it to resolve the promblem. But my army is still suffering from attrition. I tried moving them to another of my cities and nothing changed, supplies are still nil apparently.

To add, all my settlements are in the same province.

I can't think of find anything to resolve this, this just seems to be a bug which is going to stop me from playing the game because I can't play an entire campaign suffering from attrition.


  • jbfoleyjbfoley Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have seen the same issue. Increasing food supply, moving armies to a settlement or a different settlement, or a different province's settlement does no good, every season, always attrition. I have positive food production globally and in each settlement too, and in at least one case no enemy army present. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Google shows others are experiencing this as well.
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