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FESTAG BETA: Cannot move the camera or choose a target when choosing war-coordination

ekidhardtekidhardt Registered Users Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in PTE Beta Feedback
Pretty straight forward. Can't choose a war-coordination target. Camera is frozen.
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  • OortaelOortael Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited January 2019
    Right, camera is frozen, but anyway even when a potentiel target is in sight, it can not be selected.
    The only way to do it is by selecting first an ally’s army. But a war coordination target can’t be given to a whole faction.
  • ekidhardtekidhardt Registered Users Posts: 3
    yeah. Drives me a little batty--how am I supposed to be proper evil if I can't force one faction to unnecessarily fight another faction? It's really the principle of the matter. :)

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