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Crashing on Campaign start

CountofAcadiaCountofAcadia Posts: 1Registered Users
I recently have been having an issue where when I begin a new campaign it will go through the intro cinematic and then begin to do the whole voice over pan across map thing, where I then click the x to skip it at which point it crashes to the desktop with no error message.

I have tried to fix this by unsubscribing from and deleting the mods I was using and then attempting to start a campaign but encounter the same issue, I have also deleted all of the games data from my computer and reinstalled but the same thing happens, when I verify the game integrity it says it is fine.

I would really like to solve this so that I can play this game again, please help me out.


  • SecuterSecuter Senior Member Denmark, Aarhus.Posts: 2,277Registered Users
    Have you updated your drivers? Does your computer meet the requirements? Does it crash if you don't try to skip it?
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