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Solution (Workaround) for Crashes after Manual battle ending switching to campaign or loading QS

nathanjoneswork2nathanjoneswork2 Registered Users Posts: 4
So, I was having the same ctd without any errors after battles after the VC update, The workaround is

1- switch back to old nvidia display driver <400 , I used 399.24 or something
2 - DO NOT use quick save or quick load, for saving in campaign or even before battles, Do not use autosaves either, Use manual saves, and you can pretty much manual save before any battle. I generally don't recommend overwriting but do it if you are out of space.
3- Use DX 11, Don't use dx 12 , Other than some rare cases, DX12 is working like hell, and making the game crash and slow down, so use dx11
4- Lower your settings just a little bit, I have a 970 and I keep it medium-high, so you don't face overheating problems
5- Verify game files via steam
6- Pray to god it works for you!


  • Artefacts7Artefacts7 Registered Users Posts: 4
    j'ai aussi ce crash toutes les 5 à 10 batailles en campagne.
    Pour mon cas c'est un problème d'affichage du jeux. En fait il faut "forcer" le jeu à rester en premier plan après une bataille. Pour cela, je clique sur l'écran de chargement entre la fin de bataille et la carte de campagne, et je maintiens le cliq gauche quand le chargement arrive à environ 90% jusqu'à ce que la carte de campagne apparaisse. ainsi le jeu est forcé de rester en premier plan et ça ne crash absolument plus du tout.
    en espérant que cela puisse résoudre le problème chez d'autres personnes!

    English on the forum please. (Anglais sur le forum s'il vous plaît. )

    I also have this crash every 5 to 10 field battles.
    For my case it is a problem of display of the games. In fact you have to "force" the game to stay in the foreground after a battle. To do this, I click on the loading screen between the end of the battle and the campaign card, and I hold the left click when the loading arrives at around 90% until the campaign card appears. so the game is forced to stay in the foreground and it doesn't crash at all.
    hoping this can solve the problem for other people!

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