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Which should I buy for online gameplay?

BeefSupreme1BeefSupreme1 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2019 in Total War General Chat
I'm an avid fan of some of the oldest Total War titles: Shogun, Medieval, and Medieval II. I try to play Medieval II online (I have the vanilla version) but it's very difficult to find open games and then roughly 50% of the time the battle never finishes because someone has connection problems. Frustrating to say the least.

I finally got a new gaming computer and want to find a newer Total War title to play. Personal choice, but I don't really like fantasy based titles, so Warhammer doesn't do anything for me.

What is my best bet? Does Attila or Rome II have enough of a community to find public games online? More than Medieval II at least? And did they finally fix the annoying "connection problem" that would pause the game in Medieval II?



  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 3,004
    I don't play Rome II, but I've heard that it's the only historical TW with a decent size multiplayer community. Warhammer 2's community is the largest, though.

    From what I've heard, Attila/ToB/Shogun 2's multiplayer community is near extinct. The old games are even worse.
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