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Orc Campain Suggestions

ferundalferundal Junior MemberPosts: 47Registered Users


Right now concept of the faction is:

Low tax income, but high income from post battle loot and looting settlements. Low upkeep ability is compensated with free Waagh Stacks.

But it do not work, especially in head to head campaigns. Why?

1) Free Waaghs are useless. They attack nearest army in there renge - even if they got target from player. And usually there attacks are suicidal.

Also army and it's Waagh can be easely separated by sudden strike ability in head o head.

2) You need win battles to get money. But player can't fight to often - Greensikinz has not replacement agants, replacement lord skills, replacement technologies.

3) If you loose battles/army you stop earning money. Loosing an army is pretty big problem itself, but usually u still contine erm money for recruting new army.

As greenskinz u lose you army and you way to earn money. All it do not allow player to lose battle, while it is common occurrence in head to head.

4) No late game economic buffs

All othen not horde factions can get high income in provinces with high level settlements. Orcs can't. They just can't upkeep same amount of troops as other factions can. "Raidin' Stashes" do not compinsate low tax income.

5) Other different problem is alot of useless units. They are cost effective in skirmish battles, but i newer see someone recrut Trolls, Wolf/Spidder Riders, Wolf/Spider Archer Riders, Wolf chariots in Multiplayer campaings, Gaints. Savage ork/Goblin armies are little more fun but they are still uneffective in late game.

All this units are useless in late game coz they do not got armor penitratin.

In multiplayer battles players resolve this problem by adding Da Warlord's Boyz or/and Da Rusty Arrers in there army. But in single player we got only two those units for all faction armyes.

6) Orc heros, especially mele hero are weak and boring. There is only use for goblin big boss in Multiplaer Campagns - to weak Healm of Hiscord.


1) If Waaagh army has orders from main army - is shoud follow it.

2) Add some bonuses for armyes with high and very high fightness.

First of all - some replacement rate bonuse. For example +20% if fightness higher than 80. It is not much at all, vamp for example get same amount of replacement if firs carstein bloodline bonus.

Other bonuses can be:

Magic Reserv

Magic Resistance

and etic

3) Change Raidin' Stashes into late game economic buff building.

They shoud be tier 3 and tier 5 building for both major and minor settlements.

building cost shoud be high - 10000 and 15000, but they will give faction one more bonus:

tier 3: -2% troops upkeep factionwhide
tier 5: -3% troops upkeep factionwhide

Player will need earn alot of money from active war to build them but after he will did that - faction will be much more stable in late game.

4) Add orcs weapons, items, banners and followers with Weeping Blade/Armour-Sundering effects. It also can be scroll/item with Bound Spells wich debuff armor (Like Wither/Soulblight/Plague of Rust). Only in Campaigns if u do not want change ballance much.

5) Hero rework in campain.

Goblin Big Boss

2 new skill chain. If player choose one of them - other will be unavailable.

- "Plain Goblin Boss" Chain

This goblins know how run faster, fight longer and dodge enemy shots;


Hero unlimited stamina -> Wolf mount; Restore Stamina to Single Unit Skill; Vigour Reserve to lord's army; Missle Resistance if not in mele; aura-> Apocalyptic Charge

Hero Unlimited stamina:

1 Rank, unit do not lose it's stamina

Wolf mount:

1 Rank, wolf mount

Restore Stamina to single unit:

1 Rank, bound spell, 3 charges

Vigour Reserve to lord's Army:

1 Rank, small reserv
2 Rank, medium reserv
3 Rank, large reserv

Missle Resistance if not in mele aura:

Same skill stats as Vamp Blood Knights has

1 Rank, 30 m aura
2 Rank, 40 m aura
3 Rank, 60 m aura

(May be i shoud be army wide effect on 3 lvl but it can be too OP)

Apocalyptic Charge, (need 4 points spent in prev skill chan):

Same skill as Swords of Chaos (Chaos Knights) has
(ofc different name)

Give map wide speed bonus if units in unit range

- "Forest Goblin Boss" Chain

This goblin know how to use spiders more effective, fight in impassable territory and, also, can hide everything he want in the forest.

Stalk and Vanguard Deployment -> Spider mount; Summon Spider Hatchlings; Forest Knowledge; Guardian -> Spider Net

Stalk and Vanguard Deployment

Rank 1 Stalk&Vanguard Deployment

Spider mount

Rank 1 Spider Mount

Summon Spider Hatchlings

Rank 1 Bound spell, 2 charge
Rank 2 Bound speell, 2 charges, cooldown -50%
Rank 3 Bound spell, 3 charges, cooldown -75%

Forest Knowledge

Rank 1 Strider Aura: 30 m
Rank 2 Strider Aura: 40 m; Aura hide forest 30m
Rank 3 Strider Aura: 60 m; Aura hide scrub and forest 30m

The idea of this skill is to allow giant units near the hero


Rank1 11% Physical Resist, 30 m
Rank1 11% Physical Resist, 40 m
Rank1 11% Physical Resist, 60 m

Spider Net

Rank 1 Bound spell, 3 cahrges, Single Target spell 40 m cast range

"Goblin Squig Herder" chain can be added too but i found only Giant Squig Mount and Explosive Squig Summon spell (as final chain spell)

Ork Shaman

Add him standart mele hero chain with wyvern mount at the end

Goblin Shaman

Wolf mount

More Mushrooms!

New chain with following skills:

- Restore 50% Stamina of in 30m, 3 charges

- Add Rampage effect in 30 m 3 charges

- 45 sec cooldown for all not hero and not lord targets in 30 m 3 charges

Then player use any of that all of then gain 30(45?) sec cooldown.

6) Few new tech:

- Tech what will allow goblin fanatic stay hidden while they are shotting

- Some magic/fire resistance for savage ork

7) Rework Unic Orc Faction General Starting traits

Right now following traits are garbage:

-4 to enemy public order

Do not work against AI (AI has too much public order bonus) and player too (enemy will not allow you to stay on his land long enough.

-15 recrutment cost for big unz and black ork and +2 exp on recrutment

Ork can recrut golden Black ork in Black Crag


  • ferundalferundal Junior Member Posts: 47Registered Users
    Right now i play head to head campain - blood hands vs lizzardmens.

    I got 87 cityes and 55 000 tax income, opponent has 47 cityes and 47 000 tax income, 9000 trade.

    I got replacement only for savage orcs, i can't restore black orcs, goblin and aracnaroc units in not home regions. Lizzard man can restore 10 model temple guard unit into full unit in any region in 2 turns.

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