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CA, please bring back Avatar Conquest

TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior MemberPosts: 10,362Registered Users
edited January 2019 in General Discussion
Yes, I know it's too late for that in 3 Kingdoms, but I'd really like a return of Shogun 2s Avatar Conquest.

I never was a major MP player in most games, but the one Total War Game I played Multiplayer, it was Shogun II and FotS. Why? Because of Avatar Conquest.

I had far more of a "connection" to my armies in FotS and Shogun 2. Compared to "chooses units, hmm have some money left... *clicks a few times to rank one or two up* and ready to go*. Those level 5 Samurai weren't just some random dudes you stuck a bit more money in. Those level 6 Tetsubo Warrior Monks were your veterans of many a battle, who had bravely held the line while others fled, their charge at critical times turning the tide of the battle.

Your General could be skilled as you wanted it.

With the normal mp skirmishes, I really don't care about MP... aside of maybe watching some youtubers playing it. But I think with an updated, and improved for better balance, at least some players that otherwise wouldn't try MP might try it.

I still have fond memories of that one time a pal of mine and I had a 2on2 vs 2 guys going with the old "Armstrong spam". It was a bloody hard battle, but in the end we won, when his Shogunate cavalry charged out of the woods and took out his guns.
Every wrong is recorded. Every slight against us, page after page, ETCHED IN BLOOD! Clan Gunnisson! Karak Eight Peaks! JOSEF BUGMAN!"

CA hates the Empire confirmed. The FLC LL for the new Lord Pack is Gor-Rok. Meaning the Empire still hasn't gotten their FLC LL. And no, moving Balthasar Gelt from Reikland, where he should be, DOES NOT COUNT. If they wanted a LL in the Southern Empire: Marius Leitdorf of Averland or maybe Elspeth von Draken in Nuln...

Where is Boris Todbringer? Have you seen him?



  • JacquestheApostateJacquestheApostate Senior Member Posts: 679Registered Users
    I agee we need it back!
    3 Kingdoms is a great game campaign wise. Make ranked battles in Records mode. Until that is done it won't be complete.
    Gun Cav in Shogun II should have a Retainer!
    Give us another Avatar Campaign!
  • GigixGigix Posts: 5Registered Users
    We need it back.
    In Shogun2 nobody played classical mode if they wanted to play multiplayer they would play avatar conquest. This means avatar conquest is more liked by players.
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