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Some thoughts on Festag update

kmansp38kmansp38 Registered Users Posts: 202
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Definitely more challenging- love it. What makes this game great is putting you in situations where you aren't sure if you'll win or not. It's exciting. The AI overall seems stronger on the map and on battles. I've played two different games, first as empire and second as dwarves. In the second game, towards the end, the dark elves had completely taken over the Elf territory in the middle. I was shocked- they had always been a power house and the dark elves usually were defeated game after game. Playing as the dwarves, I'm tempted to wipe out the dark elves and see if I can get the high elves back. Overall, the challenge is there and it's great!!


The rogue armies, as soon as they spawn, are weak and immediately ask for non aggression, sometimes offering money. I'm sure this is because of the strength of my empire, but shouldn't they be stronger/full stacks, and threatening? Especially in late game? Otherwise, what's the point of them being there if they just request peace with everyone. They are getting annihalated as soon as they spawn, and then every turn I get a non aggression request as soon as they reappear. This is regardless of difficulty.

Along the same lines, the neutral/rogue armies that are at sea with the blue/black flags. Since I've seen them in game, they NEVER attack anything and are never attacked. They just roam around. What is the point of them? Why don't they attack coastal cities like the dreadfleet?

Nagarythe is super easy- might be overpowered. Although it's one of the first factions to die when played as the AI, when I played as Nagarythe the Dark elves all seemed super passive and weren't building up a lot of units. Steamrolled through most of the campaign. When Chaos armies appeared they died pretty easily from allies.

After the recent festag update, there are definitely some performance issues, particularly in the southern/eastern oblast region when you have an army selected in that area. It's really bad.

Also after the recent update, when I alt tabbed out, the game froze and locked up the computer. I couldn't even close the program down via task manager. Also there was another moment where the game froze for a few seconds, and then after resuming the game dropped in performance overall. I had to restart the game.
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