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Better combat A.I.?

tetrahedron8tetrahedron8 Registered Users Posts: 15
edited January 2019 in Community Mods
The upclose combat A.I. to me isnt good, and takes away from the immersion of the game, as it looks like they are taking turns just hitting each other and with obvious cool down timers for attacks in a kind of silly look. There are of course other things I am not mentioning as well, such as excessive clipping where things should really just have a bounce off effect like in a physics engine.

So is there some mod or possible mods that could give more convincing combat A.I.? I remember watching back in 2004 the making of the two towers and how in the helms deep scenes with the uruk hai army over head shots where often done in real time with a program called massive on the developers computer, but in more grey figured npcs, and it was very convincing. Maybe it was long rendered, maybe not as I dont recall. I guess my point is that the software for more convincing fights is there some where, even as old as 2002.


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