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Need help with modding!

LuckylucaslLuckylucasl Registered Users Posts: 27
edited January 2019 in Community Mods
Hello everyone,

After having played total war warhammer 2 for over 400 hours I think it's stupid that when you are defending the last city of a race you don't get a leadership bonus I mean if you know you are at the last place you can run to you just defend the city with your life. So after my last campaign I decided I wanted to do something about that so I tried learning some lua code. When I thought I got the basics of tables, strings and loops I tried looking at the excellent mod of Drunk Flamingo Beter-Behaved Allies but I understood litte of it -_-. I see some functions and tables but I see some lines I don't recognize for example cm:add_loading_game_callback. Do you guys know any tutorials that are more total war specific or any thing that can help me?


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