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Warhammer - Warcraft Mod

Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 10
edited January 2019 in Community Mods
So I recently played Warcraft: Total War mod for Medieval 2 which is a very nice mod, it has the map very well done and some of the unit models are very good however it does seem incomplete and also because its on such an old game it doesn't quite flow quite well like the new games.

Now well all know that Warhammer and Warcraft have similarities and some people don't want Warcraft Total War because its basically the same game. However it isn't even close to the same game.

I would really love a mod for Warhammer because its the closest game to Warcraft, for example Skeletons, Zombies, Fell Bats, Dwarves etc are already in the game of Warhammer so some models and units can be reused in Warcraft version.

Also I know people might be like what about factions? Well Warcraft has loads of options, you would have Stormwind, Loedaron etc for humans, Dwarves have the Dark Iron and Ironforge Dwarves, you have multiple trolls across Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. You have panda races and Klaxxi in Pandaria, you have potential for multiple factions within the Dark Portal/Outland. You have multiple Naga factions, you have Night Elves, Blood Elves, Orcs forever and Ahn Qiraj too. You can even have Dragonflights too. Defias faction in Westfall and Scarlet faction in multiple places too. There are so many other factions too,

Tbh I know what I just listed probably sounds like it needs it own game and tbh it probably should have its own game however that is up to Creative Assembly, Sega and Blizzard doing some kind of deal and it would be awesome too.

But on a separate note I know its possible, from looking at Warcraft Total War on Medieval, I know taking that exact map and the same factions and maybe adding one or two more and maybe adding Pandaria, you have a solid starting point for the mod. Using Warhammer will allow the units to look really good too and have nice animations and like I said some units already have the correct specifications for being reused in the Warcraft World.

I know this would be a huge undertaking for someone to create this mod but I really think this is something here. Now another thing people might say is, why don't you create the mod? Well I would if I had the time, skills and money to carry it out, I could probably do the map at best. I have no idea about unit creation and animation so there is a big problem there.

I also just edited and realised you can't do this because you can't use a total conversion on warhammer 2 or even 1. So unfortunately it would have to be done on Shogun or something.


  • UnicronomegaUnicronomega Registered Users Posts: 15
    1.) Warcraft is garbage, utterly
    2.) Warcraft is a Warhammer rip-off, don't say it's not, or it's just similar, because I've been around to know these things, and don't say that Warhammer is just rip-off D&D because the universe clearly differentiated early on and changed to become it's own structured fantasy
    3.) Warcraft has 3(not counting stand alone expansions) rts games, and that should be enough for people.
    4.) Warcraft has never been suitable for a total war.
    5.) Using Warhammer's models is debauchery.
    6.) If you aren't expecting people to send something negative then you shouldn't try posting.
    7.) I feel sorry for the fanboy who is going to make this.
  • LaffettLaffett Registered Users Posts: 6
    Nikobob66 said:

    I wouldn't really go for Warcraft, but more power to ya.

    Still, some variety is good in the modding of a game. But yeah, most of the animation assets are already there. The hardest part would be the map.
  • Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    I mean to say Warcraft is garbage is your own opinion. Which millions of people would disagree with.
    Regardless of whether Warcraft is taken from Warhammer isn't a bad thing either, every game had an inspiration. All mobas wouldn't exist without someone modding Dota for Warcraft 3.

    Warcraft has enough lore, factions, wars, everything suitable for a total war game, it has a huge map as well. To say it's not suitable is just someone who doesn't like Warcraft and has a badly negative attitude towards it. Also Warcraft is a perfect money boat to sail on for huge amounts of DLCs and sequels because it couldn't be done in a singular mod or game.

    Also further on, Warcraft and the World of Warcraft has expanded into something much larger than Warhammer and something much further. Not to say I don't love these Warhammer games. (I don't read into any lore of Warhammer just play the games) But World of Warcraft revolutionised the gaming industry, yes it was thanks to Warhammer, that Warcraft exists but that is also Warhammer's fault. They pulled out of the release, so Blizzard put it separately. Also as you said with D&D and its expanded into itself. So has Warcraft, to say otherwise is yet again your own personal opinion and hate towards the game blinding you to the facts.

    Your personal hate for Warcraft stemming from it being related to Warhammer shouldn't be a reason not for this game to created. Personally I want, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft total war. As many fantasy settings as I can get with different characters, worlds and factions.

    Remember everything came from something so don't talk about this is rip off of this or whatever.
  • CA_OtherTomCA_OtherTom Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 328
    A Warcraft mod for any Total War title is a technical infringement of the EULA (that you can read on the steam store page for the game).

    I would highly recommend that you do not invest your time into creating such a mod because we will be legally obliged to take it down from the Steam Workshop.

    If you want to scratch a Warcraft RTS itch, I'd recommend you check out the brilliant Warcraft 3, or wait till later this year when Blizzard launches the reforged edition.
  • Nikobob66Nikobob66 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    Yeah at the end of my statement you can see I did mention that it wasn't allowed to do conversion on warhammer mods.
    I already have Warcraft 3 though.
  • BaaltorBaaltor Registered Users Posts: 68
    edited February 2019

    They can't. It'd infringe on the IP of Blizzard. Mods between similar games have been shut down in the past, and this is so similar it's just impossible, sorry.

    Even doing it in a different game like Shogun is guaranteed to get it shut down.

    Quote and comment removed.
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  • RLionheart1701RLionheart1701 Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited February 2019
    I think that modding games into Warcraft or any other games isn't illegal until you don't earn profit from it look how many mods which is inspired by Warcraft is on moddb and moddb is world largest modding site I think that Blizzard, EA and others will shut it down looong time ago if it think that it violate its EULA.

  • BaaltorBaaltor Registered Users Posts: 68

    I think that modding games into Warcraft or any other games isn't illegal until you don't earn profit from it...

    Negative, soldier. It's not 'legal' (not legal per se) as long as you don't earn a profit from it. It's also illegal if you prevent them from potentially deriving a profit from it. In this case it'd:

    1. Frustrate the possibility of CA doing a deal with Blizzard
    2. Serve as a legitimate replacement for a similar WC game
    3. ... I had a third thing but I can't remember.

    The fact that they're both videogames and similar IP's makes these expressly more pertinent too.

    And in regards to that link: Blizzard has served a Cease and Desist letter to makers of a Star Craft for Warhammer 40k before.
  • RLionheart1701RLionheart1701 Registered Users Posts: 20
    so this mean that biggest part problem is that both IP is similar to each other or?
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,876
    Folks, @CA_OtherTom posted the only response possible. Copyright infringement is a serious problem. I suggest everyone take heed.

    As it is, the thread discussion is closed. PM me if you have a question or an objection.
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