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Please help me.

ThomastheCarrotThomastheCarrot Posts: 79Registered Users
Hi I am new to total war but I really want to play total war 2 but I need a new laptop to run it. My budget is around £300 so if anyone can help, please let me know. (=


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,546Registered Users
    Not happening. You couldn't put together a desktop without peripherals on that budget.

    Double it, and you can get something super cheap that will barely play the game. Triple it, and you've got a decent low end gaming laptop. The cheapest you can do to run Warhammer 2, is Intel Iris 580 or 650 integrated graphics, or the new AMD integrated vega graphics, and these processors cost as much as your budget.

    Your only shot is a low end refurb, or buying someone's old computer second hand. It wont end well.
  • ThomastheCarrotThomastheCarrot Posts: 79Registered Users
    How about total war 1?
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,546Registered Users
    If Total War 1 means Rome 1, it's older than dirt. You still wont be able to run it on a chromebook.
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