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Since Rome 2 GATE BUG still not fixed

cupcakeeecupcakeee Posts: 31Registered Users
In every game since Rome 2, the enemy AI opens the gate, and then the battering ram cannot access it, no one can move in (because the computer thinks the gate is still closed), but the gate is open and untargettable.

CA why has this bug existed since Rome 2 in each of your games? It's seriously a **** product.

Anyone who has experienced this bug has experienced an unforgettable frustration. WHY THO?!


  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 18,363Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Where are you trying to go with this? Feedback, then I suggest posting some more information. If you happen to be reporting what you think is a bug the I strongly suggest going here:

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  • cupcakeeecupcakeee Posts: 31Registered Users
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    "Some more information".

    So this gate bug has been around since Rome 2 and it's just been confirmed to exist in Total War: Three Kingdoms. It's a siege-breaking bug, it's been around in every game since Rome 2, and no one has fixed it yet. Game Journalists have proof, video proof, of this bug being in the sieges for the Total War 3 Kingdoms press releases. STILL

    I've written posts on the forums over the years asking to fix this bug.

    I am frustrated. This is just on top of many other attempts I've had to improve this game. As a dedicated fan, this hurts to see our feedback go so ignored. Year after year, man. What's wrong with fixing a popular, well-understood, well-documented, LEGENDARY bug? Everyone knows about it. It's pretty... lame when it happens. I've seen it often, everyone's seen it often. Indie Pride has seen it often, Turin sees it all the time, so has every other commentator. It's the "UGH I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS" bug. It's this ritually occurring bug. It's like CA is in a vacuum. Why haven't they fixed something that's obvious, legendary, and has been around since Rome 2? Just what is going on?

    There's like a pile of complaints about this one issue, and to me it represents the last straw. I'm tired of supporting asleep gaming companies. These guys are knock-outs, like literally they're asleep. What is happening?

    I just want the best game possible guys, for all people. Win-win. Fix our bugs, we point them out for a reason guys.

    Seriously, this is going to hurt sales. I'm skipping Three Kingdoms because of this (and a lot of other negative press). I don't want to buy and encourage this type of B- game development. Old engines need love, or replacement, every few years. You can't ignore it for 5 titles, pushing out the same broken scripts game after game. It's like they're resisting doing their homework. Nonsense.

    This bug is 5 years old, and represents the capstone in a large swath of necessary -- and hitherto undone -- changes.

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