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Circenn Monastary building (Playing as Circenn)

DumbledoodDumbledood Registered Users Posts: 17
Does this province not have one?

My governor of Circenn got the trait "imbecilic" [Gained from lack of Library or Scribes building chains as an Irish, Scottish, or Sea Viking faction] -1 Command, -1 Governance.

Looking at the Civics talent trees, under communities, the first talent in the chain is Libraries, which in order to unlock I need to "Upgrade within the Monastery chain or one of its unique variants, or conquer a region with the highest level building in one of these chains. These buildings exist in the primary slot of certain major settlements."

Looking at the building browser of this province, unless I click enable "All buildings" to be shown, I don't see any Monastery buildings under the primary slot of the settlement. Only the Scoan Abbey under church.

So I'm guessing this province doesn't have access to the building, and the governor is just permanently an imbecile as a result. Am I on the right track? Hah. Was a little time-consuming/unclear to figure out.



  • ExarchExarch Registered Users Posts: 588
    The primary buildings are the main buildings in the major settlement in a province. If your capital is not a Monastery type, then you should look at the surrounding provinces- see if you can find a monastery to conquer! Remember, it't the main slot of the major settlements that count, any minor settlements or secondary buildings can only be chirches.

    iirc there are definitely a couple of monasteries in Scotland, and even more in Ireland.

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