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"Easy" - A little smarter "skirmish stance" ?

cans4852cans4852 Posts: 71Registered Users
edited February 3 in Feedback & Suggestions
Hey, I was playing this HE Alith Anar campaign. And of course i'm trolling the ai with my shadow walkers at this point.

But I've noticed something that maybe easy to improve: I had these master ambushers archers on skirmish stance against the AI stack with 10 + shades. Well in this case the skirmish stance was good for nothing because as the shades also have a ranged attack they didn't trigger the "skirmish retreat" to keep a distance from them, so of course if the shades are in range to shoot they will destroy the shadow walkers with AP arrows.

I know I was not smart enough to keep them moving around and out of range and blah blah. But I think the need to do this to fight against a ranged unit kind of breaks the purpose of "skirmish stance" not ?

So I think it would be nice to give a little improvement by asking this question when in "skimish stance" for a unit:

My range is X, The enemy coming to engage has a ranged attack of range = Y (0 range if melee idk w.e.).
If X > Y then i should keep at least a distance of Y +1 -> Allowing to properly make a smart use of superior range.
Else -> Well, it should be the regular thing we have now.

This would make sense imo I don't know, however, is it that hard to evaluate if a unit is targeting another ? Idk if that's possible.

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