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Peasant Economy Recruitment Limit

SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 557
Hello all, it's been quite a while since I posted but I've got something I'd like to get ask everyone's opinion on.

I've been playing a Bordeleaux campaign (ME) with the Alberic Lord of the Sea and the Unique Bretonnian Lords mods. I have to say I've had a blast! Both of these mods really make Alberic's campaign feel very unique and running about the Dukedom's crushing vampires is a lot of fun, thought the The Dreadfleet is a real pain.

The only true grievance I've had with the campaign is the ridiculously low amount of units you're allowed to recruit. It's not possible to even recruit a full stack in the first 20 turns without going over the penalty limit and taking the hit to your economy. Admittedly, the hit isn't all that great when you're only a unit or two over, and Alberic makes lots of money from trade, but I can't see the sense in restricting the player from recruiting some of the most expendable units in the game.

This is really more of a problem when playing as Louen, as his economy isn't nearly as strong, even when occupying Marienburg. Even when playing as Alberic, only being able to recruit 1 full stack, while still being penalized is a little ridiculous.

If anyone knows of an up to date mod that fixes this minor annoyance I would appreciate a mention, otherwise I would like to know what you guys and gals think.

I think the Bretonnian campaigns can be fun, but they can also be quite the slog, especially with the Vampire Coast now in play. Would you like to see an increase to the peasant limit? Maybe through tech or building trees? Also, I know the garrisons are much maligned as being the worst, and I would agree, but what suggestion would you have to fix them?


  • blaatblaat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,150
    one tech already increases it but I forgot what it is called

    but you can take this mod aswell https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445867430&searchtext=peassant+cap


    It's much easier and more fun to get engrossed in lore that takes itself seriously and tries to make sense within its own frame of reference.

    the reason I prefer LOTR over warhammer fantasy and 40k

    I am dutch so if you like to have a talk in dutch shoot me a PM :)
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,414
    It's actually fairly irrelevant.

    You need one farm, and one windmill, in order to recruit upgraded archers. Beyond that, you can just use industry. It's less money, 300 instead of 350 base income at tier 3, but research boosts it 30% instead of the 10% that farms get.

    Beyond that, you need to think of knights of the realm as your primary unit. It's an utterly alien way of thinking in an infantry centric game engine, but Bretonnia is literally supposed to be a heavy cavalry army with support. A couple catapults, a few archers, a few infantry, and a dozen knights, is entirely practical. CA spared us the atrocious upkeep penalty mechanic, so short stacks with extra knights is actually practical as well.

    When I play them, I have a caster lord, paladin, and 4 low level knights positioned around the empire to support my garrisons, and I send mounted short stacks with my armies that already have 6+ knights each. If I'm invaded by something hard to handle, and I have a turn to recruit after spotting them, I stuff the roster with nearly free recruitment peasants and disband them after the battle. A few knights and a couple extra characters supporting the garrisons makes a huge difference, and my knight heavy expedition forces can easily handle double stacks.
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 12,316
    I agree that the peasant cap is too low to start with. They don't even need to increase it much, just enough so that the early game isn't frustrating.
  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,266
    I think it's fine. In the early game it's a bit limited but once you own a handful of regions and have acces to knights of the realm and knights errant it stops being a problem. Having a mixed/industry focused economy will also help mitigate the damage of going over the limit. After the tech that provides an extra unit per region your problems are gone completely.
    "The dog is a peasant and the cat is a gentleman." H.P. Lovecraft
  • endurendur Registered Users Posts: 3,971
    As others have said, once you can recruit knights, the peasant limit isn't a problem anymore.

    Early game, if I need extra infantry, I recruit another lord. The lord has decent armor and armor piercing, can gain levels, and doesn't increase upkeep. I can only include 4 lords in a battle, but 4 lords should beat any AI foe, even on legendary.

    One thing I would like to have changed is post-confederation. If I confederate another Bretonnian Duchy, I would prefer not to have to immediately disband units to avoid the peasant limit. I wish there was some post-confederation bonus to the peasant limit (i.e. event with +10 increase to peasant limit for 5 turns after confederation).

    I would also like something similar for Wood Elves. i.e. an event for +5 amber for 5 turns after confederating another WE faction.

    Not a permanent increase to peasants or amber, but just enough to get by for a while before having to consolidate armies.

  • LennoxPoodleLennoxPoodle Registered Users Posts: 648
    Actually I really like the peasant mechanic. It's true that it can be improved but in my eyes it does include an aspect of non standing army warfare into the game, TW, as well as almost every other strategy game, usually fails to represent: the very nature of levy/militia based military. Most games, including this one, convey a sense of military progression by having the player constantly building up his/her armies. But actually this kind of army doesn't work that way. Levies are usually raised when the need for them arises and disbanded as soon as the thread is over. That happens at high a high cost for the economy due to bringing large parts of the workforce onto the battlefield. The dynamic of economic prosperity in peace and struggle during wars can provide very interesting gameplay IMHO. The only, or at least best, way of integrating that into gameplay is making armies as much a pain that keeping them over longer periods of time isn't feasible. Of course Bretonnia fails to get that across in large parts, especially in the late game.
  • BoombastekBoombastek Registered Users Posts: 2,121
    Isn't Alberic army bonus and now returned old bonus to KoTR just force player to use only them?
    In early game try use peasant with +10 attack bonus or just afk confederate with slap only Kemmler.
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