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Making Peace with Satrapized Enemy

myasjfeiskrmamyasjfeiskrma Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm currently playing as Carthage in GC, and the Sequani previously declared war on me. Sometime around Turn ~21 or later, sometimes the Treveri will subjugate the Sequani. Now this gives me the pop-up dialogue asking me to choose between declaring war on the new overlords or making peace. Whichever option I choose, the AI freezes on the Treveri and while I can navigate the campaign map, the cursor is stuck as an hourglass and I can't save/load. Can anyone help me with this? The Sequani are unwilling to make peace so I can't pre-empt the glitch, and I don't feel like restarting my game every time the Sequani are subjugated, only to have to repeat it at a later turn if not immediately again.

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