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Future Total War Historical Games

FosterbergFosterberg Posts: 1Registered Users
edited February 8 in Total War General Chat
My wishlist of potential Total War games from ,, Historical Universum" and year when they could be released. What do you think about it friends? :p

2022 Total War Reinessance (1492-1599)
2025 Total War Baroque ( 1600-1699)
2028 Total War Victory ( 1815- 1905) Big expansions like Fots for Shogun 2 - with the Crimean War, American Civil War, British - Zulu War.
2031 Total War Medieval 3
2034 Total War Empire 2
2037 Total War WW1 (option to start Campaign at 1906 and have some time to prepared or starts in 1914 just before the storm)
2040 Total War Napoleon 2
2043 Total War Bronze Age
2046 Total War Shogun 3
2050 Total War WW2


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