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Potential List for Clan Skryre

OldstorytellerOldstoryteller Posts: 3Registered Users
I adapted the Clan Skryre List from GamesWorkshop to how could be potentially in-game his roster, so, i would love to suggest it:

Clan Skryre:

Start location: Skavenblight

Legendary Lords:

Ikit Claw (Right Claw of Archwarlock-Chief Morskittar) - New (At the End)
Thanquol & Boneripper (Most infamous Grey Seer from the Under-Empire ) - New (At the End)
Lord Skrolk
Queek Headtaker


Grey Seer (Plague)
Archwarlock (Ruin, Lvl 4 Mage) - New

Renown Heroes:

Tretch Craventail (Degraded to Hero position, after the new two incorporations of Legendary Lords)

Other Heroes:

Warlock Engineer (Ruin)
Plague Priest (Plague)


Rat Ogre Bonebreaker (Warlords)
Screaming Bell (Grey Seers or Archwarlock)
Plague Furnace (Plague Priests)

Core Units:

Skavenslaves (Brainwashed*, new additional rule for Clan Skryre slaves, Unbreakable)
Skavenslave Spears (Brainwashed)
Night Runners
Night Runners (Slings)
Clanrats (Shields)
Clanrat Spears
Clanrat Spears (Shields)
Stormvermin (Halberd)
Stormvermin (Sword & Shield)
Poisoned Wind Globadiers
Warpfire Thrower
Doom-Flayer (Whirling Death, Mass of Whirling Blades)
Poisoned Wind Mortair

Advanced Units:

Gutter Runners
Gutter Runner Slingers
Gutter Runners (Poison)
Gutter Runner Slingers (Poison)
Death Runners
Warp-Grinder - New
Jezzails (See Below) - New
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Storm Daemon Halberds, Anti-Large, Armour-Piercing, Charge Defence Against Large Foes & Free Spell of Warp Lightning)
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Warp-Claws & Warp-Tails Weapon, +10% Strength, +10 Attack, Extra Attack)
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Sword, Shield & Death Globes, thrown before the enemy charges or when you charge)
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Sword, Shield & Two Warplock Pistols)
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Sword, Paves & Warpmusket)
Tech-Vermin (Stormvermin with Sword, Shield & Poisoned Wind Globes)
Death Globe Bombardiers
Plague Clawpult
Ratling Guns
Warp Lightning Cannon

Jezzails: To solve the problem to develop the jezzails in-game, the rats from this unit could have paveses on its backs, what have an easel, so, before to fire missiles, they would plant the shield as a point of support, also as additional protection.

Elite Units:

Hell Pit Abomination
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres with Shock Gauntlets)
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres with Grinderfists)
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres with Warpfire Projectors)
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres with Windlaunchers)
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres with Ratling Cannons, Arms & Chest)
Warp Lightning Mega-Cannon - New (one by Army, bigger Warp Lightning Cannon, highly inaccurate, highly destructive)

Potential Rules for Ikit Claw:

Faction Effects:

Ikit Claw steals a percentage of mana pool from other enemy mages on the battlefield.
Loyalty: +2 Warlock Engineers recruits.

Lord Effects:

Missile attack: +10 to accuracy to Skryre units.
Unpredictable Devices: All the Skryre units cause Fear when Ikit Claw is the general, if some of them already causes Fear, then, will cause Terror.

Skryre units:

Poisoned Wind Globadiers
Death Globe Bombardiers
Warpfire Thrower
Poisoned Wind Mortair
Plague Clawpult
Ratling Guns
Warp Lightning Cannon
Stormfiends (Rat Ogres from Clan Skryre)
Boneripper (Thanquol's Bodyguard)
Mega-Warp Lightning Cannon

Weapon strenght: +10% when fighting against Klarak Bronzehammer & Dwarfs from Karak Angkul.
Upkeep: -50% for Tech-Vermin & Stormfiends


Master Warlock Engineer: +3 corruption in local province as a lord effect.
Mad-Mad: +3 corruption in local enemy province.
Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells. (He's a Level 4 Wizard, but he can't use The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell)
Dark Pacts: Gives Immune to Sicology (Lord's unit)
Doom-Sphere's Mastermind: -5 public orden in local enemy province, +5 corruption in local province.


Warp-Claw: +10 Strength, Armour-Piercing (Left Hand)
Iron Frame: +10% Armour & 20% Strength, Armoured
Warpfire Projector: Same damage as a Warpfire Thrower (Left Hand), but he needs 10 minutes to reload it.
Storm Daemon: +10% Strength (Skryre Halberd, Right Hand), Anti-Large, Armour-Piercing, Charge Defence Against Large Foes & Free Spell of Ruin (Warp Lightning)

Negative Lord Traits:

Pestilens's Hostility: -2 Loyalty for Plague Priests

Potential Rules for Thanquol & Boneripper:

Faction Effects:

Chosen by the Horned Rat: +5 Public Order to all your provinces.
Loyalty: +2 Grey Seers recruits.

Lord Effects:

Genius: +10% to dispel magic & +10 of spell damage to your mages..

Weapon strenght: +10% when fighting against Gotrek Gurnisson, Felix Jaeger or Dwarf Slayers.
Upkeep: -50% for Grey Seers.


Grey Seer Lord: +5 corruption in local province as a lord effect & +3 corruption in local enemy province.
Machiavellian: -5 public orden in local enemy province.
Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells. (Level 4 Wizard, he can use The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell)
Blessing of the Horned Rat: Dodge & if he's in some skaven unit, he gives Stubborn.
Warpstone Addiction: He can have an additional +10% of mana pool by each Warpstone Token consumed, but, if he critically fails, it will consider that it hasn't effect & will automatically consume other Warpstone Token and, if he fails again, will suffer 10% of damage instantly. He carries 13 Warpstone Tokens by battle.


Amulet of the Horned One: Healing Amulet & +10% of Armour
Staff of the Horned One: Gives him an extra spell.



Bodyguard of Thanquol: Boneripper is programmed to stay close to his master, giving him +10 of melee attack. If Thanquol isn't there, Boneripper will shut down & can automatically hit, until Thanquol comes back close to him. If Thanquol is slain or flees off the battle, Boneripper will count as a casualty at the end. Also, when Thanquol moves away, the Frenzy from Boneripper will lose a percentage of effectiveness, proportional of the distance, where Tanquol is, so, it will be recommendable always to be close to each other.
Security Device: If Boneripper fire his Warpfire Thrower against an unit fighting with some skryre unit, he never will cause friendly fire, because he's programmed to never deal damage to anyone from Clan Skryre.
Rat Ogre: Armour-Piercing, Causes Fear, Frenzy .
Cyborg: He's a machine, so, he has 100 of Leadership, is Unbreakable & Armoured.


Warpfire Projector: Same rules as Warpfire Thrower, but he needs 10 minutes to reload it.

PS: All the units are taken from Skavens book & Skryre Clan list. I hope you like. Next i'll do Eshin, Moulder & Grey Seers Clans & probably will do a little revamp for Mors, Rictus & Pestilens.

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