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Drag by rank?

JovericJoveric Posts: 2Registered Users
edited February 10 in TEd Tips and Tutorials
Is there, in any total war game, a way to drag out your troops with a uniform rank thickness? I hate when a unit with lesser numbers forms in thinner ranks. Is there a way to draw them by thickness instead of lenght, either in vanilla or in mods?

English isn't my first language, so I made an example if clarification is needed.

Example: We have two units, one full health with 200 and one badly decimated with 50. I drag them out on the field to get four ranks on the full unit. It will then be standing in 50x4. I would then want the damaged unit to stand in 13x4 (with 11 on the last rank), but instead they will stand in 50x1. Giving us a situation were the lines will either be too thinn on the low number unit or to thick on the large one.
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