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Am I doing it right?

GCRustGCRust Posts: 406Registered Users
Got into Total War via the Warhammer games, and I picked up Attila last year on the Summer Sale to see how Historicals worked. Not going to lie, got overwhelmed a bit so I shelved the game and went back to Warhammer for awhile.

Weekend off, been watching the YouTuber Many A True Nerd's playthrough of Rome: Total War decided to fire up Attila again and give it another chance.

Instead of starting in the middle of Gaul as the Langobards like last time, this time around I decided to go with the Venedians for the squalor negation of Farms. I've been focused on researching, got Duma up and running, keeping Sanitation and Public Order positive, and basically haven't made any waves what-so-ever. Despite the introduction, the Huns and everyone else have pretty much left me alone so I haven't really generated much in the way of an economy. My goal this time around was to prevent the situation I always found myself in with the Langobards in having to constantly battle with sanitation and public order. Now I'm getting my feet under me but I'm still sitting with the original army stack (upgraded, of course).

Is this how Attila goes? I've got a nice sized province, plenty of income being generated per turn, and my neighbors aren't exactly making any waves even if none of them are particularly friendly (I have gemstones, someone trade with me!).

It's one of those "Everything is seemingly going fine...have I screwed up massively?" kind of questions. I'm honestly not even sure where I should look towards expanding towards once I do get the military up and running.


  • RewanRewan Senior Member Posts: 740Registered Users
    Over time as you research technologies people will eventually come to hate you for being a "Great Power".

    So yes, your focus should mostly be on surviving but you also need to consider that at some point if you didn't "clean" the map a bit you might get overrun by mad people. (Namely some people from the east)
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