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Unit Tactics

shika_mechshika_mech MemberPosts: 170Registered Users
Hey! I'm trying to get back into Attila. I'm struggling with the Early game. What's the point of Nordic Band and Nordic Brigade? I'm playing as Saxons. They are garbage units. Also Wardogs seam to hurt when they are used on me but I can't seem to capitalize on their abilities either. Tips please?


  • RewanRewan Senior Member Posts: 1,126Registered Users
    They are usefull as meatshields to tank a charge from a heavy charge unit (such as a unit of Huscarls or cavalry)

    They also are of some use in that role over some other meatshield units that look better mainly thanks to their precursor weapon (aka : yeah they can't fight but at least they will do some damage by throwing they javelins)

    Wardogs on the other hand is a great unit to use on lightly armored targets such as archers or skirmish cav'. Great to use with a flank (and I believe but I'm not sure at 100% they actually do decent against moving troops since it counts as said moving troops to detach from the dogs, hence taking massive hitpoint damage)
  • DemcikDemcik Posts: 125Registered Users
    Ignore Nordic Band and Nordic Brigade, at this point the only way they can kill anything is by their projectiles. They become useful once you can upgrade them to Nordic Warriors, but it takes time. Try to use spears (always in spearwall) and pikes early on (though pikes are extremally ahistorical, and for me they simply kill immersion, but if you don't mind then feel free to recruit them) to pin down incoming enemy troops. Nordic Axe Warband is a great early unit, but unfortunately it is quite costly, for the early game standards. It would be best probably, if you would research ASAP civil tech that allows you to build Warlord/Chieftain Hold, so you can start training Hearth Guard - one of the most cost effective units in game. Remember to ALWAYS use them in shieldwall - not only it buffs their fighting skills, but also rises their survivability. Your early General Unit can prove itself in battle too, but it is usually risky to use it - treat it more like a last resort unit, and again, ALWAYS use it in shieldwall. Most of your melee units have projectiles, try to use them everytime it is possible, whether it is javelin or franciska, before engagement.

    As for the Warhounds - they can be extremally usefull in early game, because you can expliot the fact that hounds (but not tamers!) replenish after every battle -you can spam the enemy with hounds, and then use your missle units to pepper your foes once their are engaged in combat with dogs. It won't last forever though, because over time quality of troops rises and hounds are just a nuisance for heavy armored warriors. Still they are great for killing enemy missle units (they will annihilate every light archers/slingers/skirmishers), but it requires some micro.

    TL;DR : Get Hearth Guard ASAP, ALWAYS use shieldwall whenever possible, utilize your missle weapons to the greatest extent or cheese with pikes/warhounds. Hope it will help!
  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaPosts: 2,247Registered Users
    If I had to describe the rosters in Attila, particularly the Viking ones, I'd call them bloated and poorly thought out examples of how not to make a roster that also don't make any sense.

    Seriously, Attila's rosters are so badly composed it isn't even funny. With no rhyme or reason behind unit placements and genuinely nonsensical unit upgrade paths on top. Balancing seemingly doesn't exist either.

    As for nordic band and brigade; they are indeed useless as anything except meat shields. But then they upgrade into pretty decent warriors...except the "elite" hirdmen (completely separate unit) are the more cost effective choice at this point.
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