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Stutters and lag when moving the camera

SASColferSASColfer Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 69

Second thread I've had to make after re-installing the game. I've got a new PC since playing last and I'm now getting lag or stuttering when I move the camera around battles or the campaign map. It doesn't affect the benchmark tests or cinematic camera, only when I'm moving around the maps. My averages on the benchmarks are fine and the stutters are happening whether I have the graphics on ultra or low and the unit size doesn't seem to matter. If I leave the camera still it doesn't seem to happen.

It's a similar lag to having the graphics on too high but the benchmarks prove this isn't the came. It happens in 1v1 battles so its something otherwise.

I've searched the forum for anyone else with stutter issues but nothing notes so far (disabling cores etc) have seemed to help.

Specs below and I have a G-Sync monitor.

GTX 1080ti
i7 8700k
16gb RAM

Has anybody got any tips or things to try?

This didn't happen on this game on my old 1060 rig about a year ago.


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