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How to move and attack?

ForistaForista Posts: 58Registered Users
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Hi mates,

First of all sorry for my english it's not my native language.

I playing the saga Total War Warhammer for years but I've seen a movement while watching vídeos that I don't know.

When I need microing a lot I always use shift-left click for making a path and on the end of that "route" I use shift-right click for engaging the battle. The unit will do his movement and, after a perfect formation that finishes that left-click, then charges the enemy (for example, doing this on 4 diferent cavalry for surround the enemy and charge on his back on a choke point).

But in a videos i've seen that arrow not being yellow color ("friendly movement"), just make that orders on a red arrow ("aggresive movement"). This will be perfect cause the seconds saved in there comes in handy and the unit strikes the back of the enemy wathever formation has in that moment.

I've searchend in Google a while but just viewed people negating that movement. I suppose that doesn't work on ranged units (move and attack anything in it's range) but for melee units made more easy that flanking and surrounding micro.

Thanks for your help!
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