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Please, remake or release whole new series of middle ages (for developers)

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I really enjoeyd and still am...the legendary ' Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms '. But it is just too old right now compared to recent total war games which do have way more better : AI, graphics, gameplay. It cries for re-release. Also, i hope this time you would polish, the North/Esatern European countries, eventhough some of them looked cool (talking about unit design), but they were just too weak compared to western units. I hope next time you will get it right and fix the balance issues and make historically accurate.

I really would like to see Grand Duchy of Lithuania in future, no doubt about that, it should play more important role, have it own campaign. During the 14th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe it also had several really big battles such as 'Battle of Grunwald' against Teutonic Knights. Lithuania also prevented Europe from islamization in 'Battle of Blue Waters' against Golden Horde. The history is vast and rich, begs for special attention.


I will share some unit design and battle art of Lithuania.

12th-13th century reconstruction of lithuanian soldiers. From left to right: War leader - the Duke, only one of them was armed like this; Bigmen of the army (literal translation), probably company/section commanders, there were only in tenths of people armed like this; Well armed soldier, the elite of the army; A simple soldier, most of the army was armed like that. On the farthest right you can see the fragments that were found from what this is mostly based.

Second half of 13th century reconstruction of a lithuanian soldier

Left side: 13th century end - 14th century start lithuanian soldier reconstruction. This is a rich soldier, he was able to get good main armour. He also holds a double edged sword which was not common because of how expensive it was. More common soldiers used war axes instead of swords. On the other hand he is holding the lithuanian shield or otherwise known as paveza (ill explain this fun fact in the bottom of it all). Right side: 13th century knight on foot and 13th century western european infantryman.

Left side: helmet reconstruction 13th-14th century, right side: 14th century first quarter Lithuanian military soldiers.

Second half of 14th century lithuanian soldier reconstruction. This soldier represents Bajorija (noble/boyar class) that started forming right about this time.

Second half of 14th century lithuanian soldier reconstruction. This particular soldier would be a part of the Duke's main army. His clothes also signify that with the emblem of columns of Gediminas, the Dukes coat of arms.

Soldiers clothes.

Žalgiris (Grunwald) battle lithuanian soldiers. The foot soldier is high ranked, a part of the Dukes retinue/main army. The horseman is a part of Bajorija (noble class). Similarly armed men made up the biggest part of Vytautas army.

Žalgiris (Grunwald) battle re-enactment.

Important fact about the lithuanian shield - these sources that I took the images from, as you can see, oftenly depict soldiers with a certain shield. This shield is said to be originated from Lithuania. Not a lot of people know of this fact and I found it very interesting, not to mention that also very logical. Around that time Lithuania was in constant war, so something original had to come from it. As you can see from the shield, the middle part of it would deflect hits it would receive and would also remain structurally strong because the biggest force would be absolved by the middle part and not the whole shield.

'Battle of Grunwald'

'Battle of Blue Waters'

'Grand Douchy of Lithuania 1434'

'Grand Duchy of Lithuania horseman'

'Grand Douchy of Lithuania foot knight' XIV-XV cc.

'Grand Douchy of Lithuania foot soldier' XIV-XV cc.

'Medieval Grand Duchy of Lithuania Warrior'

'Knight, Grand Duchy of Lithuania' XIV-XV cc

'Infantry Soldier, Grand Duchy of Lithuania' XIV-XV cc

'Lithuanian noble/boyar knights during the Northern Crusade'

'Grand Duchy of Lithuania noble/boyar' XIV cc

'Lithuanian lancers during the Northern Crusade'

'Army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Battle of Grunwald' 1410

'Army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Battle of Grunwald' 1410

'Grand Duchy of Lithuania noble/boyar knights, archer horseman and foot soldiers'

'Trakai castle' XIV-XV cc

'Nowadays...one part is renovated and it has a small museum, unfortunate, many history relics such as paintings, knight armors, swords etc...were lost during wars ant the Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 20th century. The biggest part of Lithuanian history collection is all over the Europe, 'German, Poland, Russia'.
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