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why did game develop team block my sub-mod

gongoldgoalgongoldgoal Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi i did some sub-mod for radious mod, but it was blocked, The Steam Support said:
"The content in question was removed by the game's developer. We encourage users to contact our support first, so that we can investigate and make sure that a developer is not abusing the community moderation tools. After reviewing the decision, it doesn't appear that moderation privileges were being abused.

Game developers and moderators follow our Global Rules & Guidelines, but they may also have specific rules regarding what content is acceptable in their game hub.

I'm sorry we can't be of more help with this, but you will need to work with the game's developer for more information on why the content was removed. "
I just want to know what mistake i did to avoid it in future
This is the link my mod:

Thank you


  • RadiousRadious Senior Member Czech RepublicRegistered Users Posts: 1,282
    Hello Sir,

    i think the issue is that yo ucant simply take mod from someone else without his permission and publish it with your own change. If you making submod for any large overhaul you use always only files yo ureally need to change for your submod and rest is not used and then submod must require original mod to run.

    Taking whole mods from other people and publishing them with few changes is not allowed unless authors of those mods agree with it first.

    I hope this makes it clear.
  • CA_OtherTomCA_OtherTom Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 363
    To put an official statement to this:

    We took the mod down because you re-uploaded (with minor edits) another mod without their permission as opposed to doing a smaller submod. In addition to this, you (quite heavily) advertised for donations with this content which again was largely not your work.

    This reason was given with the ban, I believe Steam presents this reason to you at the top of the mod page (in a large red box?).

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