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New DLC For Thrones of Brittaina

Pickelrick47Pickelrick47 Registered Users Posts: 11
Hi all, My name is Niko. Ever since I have heard about Creative Assembly and their many awesome strategy games like Rome Total war II and Total War Atilla, I have always wanted to be able to play a mode where I can play as either King Arthur or any Romano British Ruler during the historical Arthurian Age as I am interested in this time peroid of history. With the release of Total War Thrones of Britannia last and with the new DLC games for Rome Total war II like Empire divided and Rise of the Republic, I thought it would be a fantastic idea for Creative Assembly and Sega to create a DLC game for Thrones of Britannia that took place during the Arthurian age of Britannia when the Angles, Saxons, Jutes where invading and driving out the local Britons to west of Britain. I also think there should be a choice of playing 7 main Romano British kingdom as there were many during that time period and a couple of other playable factions as well. I also think that the Welsh/Romano British should be wearing armor that looks like the armour from Total War Attila. If you guys think this would be awesome addition to Thrones of Britannia let me. Can't to hear from you soon
Niko Nantsis
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