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Mide's Opening Moves

The_ArchpaladinThe_Archpaladin Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 169
I've made a few attempts at starting as Mide like I mentioned in previous threads I've made, but the changes of the DLC and patches have definitely made the start very different, and I was wondering what starting tips the forums might have, as I imagine a large part of the tips and strategies that worked well for me at launch are now outdated.

The biggest thing I've been struggling with is managing estates under the new system. Don't get me wrong, I think the changes they've made ARE for the better as now they actually HAVE an impact that they didn't have when I first played the game. But I find it difficult to appease my nobles AND keep my populace and army fed. Each time I've been given a request for estates, it's for agricultural estates, which I'm finding are the most valuable, as it boosts food production when King Sinna has them, but when given to another noble that boost is flipped into a penalty, meaning as soon as I satisfy the noble in question, I'm hit with a food shortage, even though I've been focusing on building up the pastures in Mide as my very first priority so I can build a larger army.

The second, related issue is being caught between a rock and a hard place between Dyflin and Airgalla starting out. When faced with the choice to help Brega against Dyflin, conquer them first or stay out of it, I try to help Brega since that's the noble thing to do, confident I can fight off Dyflin, as I've done it before, but at the same time, Airgalla seems to like to swoop in and eat up Brega from the opposite side, meaning that while I can claim territory in the middle, Dyflin will retake places, at which point Airgalla will swoop in and take it, meaning it's effectively barred from me unless I start a war with Airgalla that I suspect will not go well for me, especially since Airgalla seems to ally with Ailech, one of the factions best disposed to Mide at the outset (even though in one save they dragged me into a war with Connacht I was NOT ready for, since I'd only been building up Sinna's army and the second one only had Ailill and one company of spears, meaning the border with Connacht was virtually defenseless).

So...I'm kind of stuck trying to figure out how to proceed with the first few turns. I know that as Total War games have gotten better, opening turns can be a LOT more dynamic than Medieval 2: Total War, my entry to the series, was, such that you can't necessarily predict what your immediate neighbors will do in the first few turns in reaction to your own moves, but I've seen this pattern of Airgalla using my fight with Dyflin to steal Brega's land out from under me play out pretty consistently and the first request for estates I've ALWAYS gotten is for agricultural estates, even if I've given the religious estates I have to them to make them happy in anticipation of it, and I've always tried to build my food buildings up first to avoid getting a food shortage.

What would you fine folks suggest? How should I proceed after wiping out the rebels? Thank you! :smile:


  • nodulousnodulous Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 917
    Just giving them a try. I put tax up to full for the extra food, hit the rebels and went straight for Brega. Made a declaration of friends with Dyfyn and on turn 2 finished Brega, a useful port increases ship move in the region by 25% and both territories produce food. Sat tight for 10 turns by which time Laigan began a land grab against Osraige so Mide headed south.

    I've got 12 estates and not given any out yet. Only had to assassinate 2 nobles so far. The rest seem reasonably quiet. :)

    Although Mide is at peace with the Vikings, they're grabbing large areas of Ireland. It can't end well.

  • The_ArchpaladinThe_Archpaladin Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 169
    Thank you for the advice. I've attempted a similar strategy to what you've recommended, but it's led to a host of other issues. I ended up going in the opposite direction you did and moving north to Breifne after they attacked Ailech, the ally you start with, but now things are getting out of hand with rebellions popping up both in Brega and in newly conquered Briefne, which I only have half of as Airgailla took the other half since they're Ailech's vassal. And then Sudreyar decided to come down with a pair of big armies that are right on my doorstep now, which is bad news for me to say the least.

    I'm not exactly sure how to proceed, and wondering if maybe I need to start from the top again and do things differently. It feels more difficult to build an army this time around, and my neighbors seem to build them more quickly, so I'm quickly getting hemmed in.

    What should I do?
  • nodulousnodulous Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 917
    I would sack and raid only, in Breifne, with a 2 unit stack. Don't hold early on as it spreads you out too much. Ailech and Airgallia will usually deal with them. You just have to keep them out of Ardach.
    A 6 unit stack in Brega for rebellions, base them in the pasture town not the port.

    As for Sudreyar or Orkney, I try to keep them quiet until I control enough of Ireland, a declaration of friends should be enough for a while. Big armies sat on your doorstep are only a problem if they come in.

    I find the best way to get Brega quiet is to control all of the province. I've not seen an army in Mana so long as Dyflin has territory in Ireland and the runestone there gives +3 morale factionwide.

    One of the turn 1 things to do for me is to arrange a marriage for the old Queen Mother with Osraige. Should bag 1100. Put that towards upgrading Mide's main settlement monastery, then research libraries from turn 7 and build granary.

    I've played Mide a few times. Usually Laigin will park a 16 stack next to your southern town, then attack if you head north or go for Osraige if you don't. I think they start as allies of Briefne. Dyflin will attack you early on without a declaration of friends (by turn 10 ish). With one, they will probably attack Laigin along the coast. I don't know how you like to play but I usually take that as my cue to break friends with Dyflin and start evicting the Vikings from Ireland. You can do it as a long war or in stages. I took the rest of Brega early on then paid for peace and attacked Laigin.
    Best not get involved in a slogging match with Dyflin and vassals in the far south until you can take Mana.
    Caisil took offence to Mide tresspassing, accidentally of course, and attacked like the treacherous dogs they are.
    The local vikings joined in against everyone.
    Sudreyer and Orkney have kept Connaught and the north busy so far.

    Good luck.

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