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Thoughts about a dedicated army building phase in quick battle?

RubzyRubzy Posts: 100Registered Users
I don't really play this competively, I'm mostly a single player campaign guy. But sometimes a few games against real people can be quite fun- therefore I occasionally go to the Multiplayer option. Sadly most games are passworded and I don't have the time to join a discord or something when I only play multiplayer casually. Other problem is that it could takes ages to fill up a game and having everyone pick their army, only for the host to drop...

In these situations I go to the Quick battle option, but since I don't play competively I don't have a preset army for every situation for every faction or a dedicated build I swear to. This is a problem for me when some **** will load his prebuilt army in 2 seconds and tick the ready button, forcing you to build an army in 60 seconds. I find this to be absolutely terrible sportmanship. Or am I wrong for wanting to have some time to prepare an army?

Therefore I suggest a 3-5 min timeframe to build an army the moment both players load, instead of playing chicken with some stranger.


  • ExarchExarch Posts: 575Registered Users
    I could get behind a longer, as long as there's the option to cut it short by both readying up early like now.

    Other than that, in the current system, it can help to say hi and let people know you need a couple of mins to get your army ready. Don't be afraid to quit the lobby if they ready up in the first seconds. There's some correlation between players doing that and cheesy builds.
  • eumaieseumaies Senior Member Posts: 4,494Registered Users
    It should be two minutes at least I agree. Quick is good but too quick cheapens the whole experience.
  • MrRipper707MrRipper707 Posts: 146Registered Users
    edited February 17
    Now im not making a comment on the system i dont know what needs changing.

    But if you as a player need more time to build your army here is a trick, start building your army as usual. when you need more time, say 20 seconds are left save your army and switch factions then reload or rebuild it if your fast enough. You can reset the timer indefinitetly using this trick, just dont be a **** to keep teasing the other guy with a battle but intentionally keeping it at the army loadout screen.

    Most players ive run into dont seem to mind if i do this once or twice which i usually dont.

    As far as building armies on the fly, I admit i play exclusively one faction that doesnt lead to great player growth but at the same time as long as you understand what army youre facing its not too hard to build an army. Just ask "what do i need to beat the units that always give me a hard time from this faction?" Maybe it is easier for me cause ive done alot of testing but im not sure.

    whats your favorite faction rubzy?
  • Green0Green0 Posts: 5,256Registered Users
    in my experience, an opponent instalocking his prebuilt army is rather rare. Maybe you just had bad luck and you're exaggerating?
  • RubzyRubzy Posts: 100Registered Users
    Green0 said:

    in my experience, an opponent instalocking his prebuilt army is rather rare. Maybe you just had bad luck and you're exaggerating?

    I shouldn't even dignify this with a response since you're basically calling me a liar,but whatever my experiences are my own you don't have to believe me. Sadly this kind of comment irks me so I will.

    I'll admit it hasn't happened often,in the year that I've had the game it probably happened twice, ofcourse I I play Quick Battles very rarely, like twice in this time span. So it happened atleast once a day when I tried QB. Regardless of frequency I see it as a weakness in the system and thought I would suggest an improvement to the system. Instead of discussing the merits of my suggestion you would rather just accuse me of exaggerating for no discernable reason. I have nothing to gain from this beyond a better game.
  • Green0Green0 Posts: 5,256Registered Users
    wow, sensitive much? I didn’t imply you’re a liar nor was I implying that your post has no merit. Many players who play QB regularly know about its weaknesses. It’s a topic that has been discussed quite a lot. Since CA doesn’t seem to care about this much in favor of other things, I suggest you try to enjoy what’s there to enjoy about this game. My message was meant to say that since it happens in like maybe 15% of quickbattles, you shouldn’t focus on that but on the other 85%. If after 1 minute has expired you don’t think you have built a strong army still, you can press ESC. and queue into another opponent and also use chat to tell him you need more time. In my experience though it’s rarely an issue, I’m basically always tabbed out and when I tab in after maybe a good minute more often than not the opponent is still wondering if I’ll be HE or not
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,598Registered Users
    I think anything more than a 2 min countdown might be turning ‘quick’ battle into a misnomer. But I agree that 60s is definitely not long enough for new players. I’d be in favour of upping it to 120s (with the option to expedite if both parties ready up).

    This said, I also think you’d be well served having a few pre-made builds saved. Not one for every occasion, but just a base template or two you can tweak to suit the opponent’s faction.

    Otherwise, maybe keep trying lobby games, as they’re generally far more relaxed. They shouldn’t all be passworded unless there’s a tournament on.
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)
  • eumaieseumaies Senior Member Posts: 4,494Registered Users
    It happens a lot. It totally sucks and contributes to a bad qb experience that wastes everyone’s time. Either you quit because you’re being rushed, wasting the guys time who was in such a hurry to begin with, or you play an idiotic game with an unfinished army and waste everyone’s time.

    Not friendly at all for people trying to learn a new faction. Pre built generic armies don’t cut it you need an army for every matchup and it’s not reasonable for people to have that.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Posts: 1,842Registered Users
    So I have mixed feelings on this topic. On one hand, yes, 60 seconds is too short to build an army from scratch. Especially for new players. So I do feel sympathy for feelings of the posters posting here in those kinds of situations.

    However, I’ve also gotten jaded by players who INSIST on winning the “counter pick” game, who won’t/can’t just pick a race to play. They HAVE to pick the one that hard counters your selection. You can tell cuz every time you switch races, they do. And if you pause, let’s say 30 seconds, to let them pick first, then you go with whatever you were going to go with, then they virtually always just idle on High Elves....until you pick, then OF COURSE they aren’t High Elves anymore. It’s frustrating, and happens quite often, and the best way I’ve found to deal with it, or at least mitigate it to a certain extent, is load up and queue battles right away.

    It’s frustrating that gamesmanship breeds even more gamesmanship, but I don’t know what else to do. I will say, I usually only ‘quick queue’ after lingering on High Elves for at least a little bit, and I definitely try not to do it if my opponent ACTUALLY PICKS FIRST FOR ONCE and doesn’t change their pick.

    ^^this whole mess is partially why I wish you just queued up as a race in advance, and could only change your specific build with that race after you found a match, but couldn’t change the race from scratch.

    ^^failing that, my only suggestion to new players, is to create and save a couple builds with your main races in custom battles before heading to the ladder. That way if somebody queues up super quick you have SOMETHING to fall back on. Or at least a template you can alter that isn’t totally from scratch.

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