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Daemons of Chaos Units - On whom do you bestow the most favour?

Grom_the_Paunch#8146Grom_the_Paunch#8146 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 2,721
Hello everyone. I have decided to take a break from meticulously counting the cocktail sticks I have left and rearranging the spoons in the kitchen. Why? Because I have a question on my mind.

I looked deep into the warped reflection of my own face in a dessert spoon and had a thought. I don't get them often, so brace yourselves... I think I know my favourite daemon unit. I have made a decision. It got me thinking. What would everyone else pick if the question were asked?

I searched for a thread on this and couldn't find anything that quite fit. Has @DarkLordD really not done this yet? ;) So here's a new discussion.

What daemon unit is your favourite and why? Are you most excited to see them in TW: Warhammer 3, or do you think another daemon unit might somehow steal the show?

Some ground rules... No specific characters. Just generic daemons or something you expect in their roster. Potential single entities rather than units are ok if you are simply a greater daemon fan or something. Don't mention the "Great Monogod Debate of 2018". We have only just stabilised the rift since the last one.

What is my favourite? I like Khorne dogs the most...

No! Not those...! Well... I do like those, but I was talking about Flesh Hounds of Khorne. I am a massive fan of doggos in general and what could be better than scaly wolf-like daemons shredding the place up like wrapping paper on Christmas day?

I worry they could turn out to be a little generic with all these other doggos skittering about, but Flesh Hounds are still the dogs... The best of the lot, surely. A lovely vibrant shade of red will make them extra fast too. I know how colours work. Trust me.


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