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Can we make avatar conquest for TWWH?

Yekdo21Yekdo21 Posts: 44Registered Users
Hi all,

I really have no idea if this suggestion/opinion may sound stupid, but I wanted to see what others think of it.

Since there is no avatar conquest type of feature in TWWH, I was wondering if we, as a community, can make some rules on 2D Map (such as the board game Risk, maybe much less complicated in the beginning) and have multiplayer battles against each other to capture a province on the map. This can be like persistant campaign. I know this may require lot of work (army compostions, economy etc.), but it could be fun. Economy can be based on resources on the map. Players can pick a race, make alliances, wars etc. The limit would be us. Maybe it can start with smaller maps of Warhammer universe i.e. small parts of old world. Then it can grow.

Did anybody think of such idea? Do you think could it be done?


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