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Rome 2 crashing starting new Campaign

etg88etg88 Registered Users Posts: 1
When I first got the game, I played with DEI mods and the game worked just fine. Later, though I wanted to play without them and so I unsubscribed from the mods and attempted to start a new campaign without the mods but the screen went black and my PC crashed and restarted. I don't think the specs of the computer are the problem, as I am able to run Warhammer Total War 2 on the highest setting without any problems or bugs. The steps I've taken have been:
1. Unsubscribed from all mods and uninstalled Rome 2 completely
2. verifying the steam cache (didn't work)
3. repairing the vrcredist_x86-90.exe, vrcredist_x86-100.exe , vrcredist_x86-80.exe
4. changing the preferences.script.txt from empty to true
5. renaming the launcher.exe to LauncherOriginal and renaming the Rome2.exe and putting that into the launcher folder

If anyone has a solution to this problem, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!


  • alexke1999alexke1999 Registered Users Posts: 1
    what helped me was:
    1. rightclicking on total war rome 2
    2. go to proporties
    3. local files
    4. check integrities

    That's what helped me.
    it should reinstall some files (for me it was like 10GB)
    Hope it works :)
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