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How to beat AI rebellions with skirmisher , Dragoons and lots of cannon

Jom1915Jom1915 Registered Users Posts: 1
This has been my problem for so long. When I occupied Vienna it seems very common that it will always have a rebellion. But when the rebellions appear I found out that their infantry was only Jager, their cavalry was only Dragoons, and they got a lot of cannon from nowhere. So my problem is are there any ways to beat this kind of infantry organization or stop this situation to happen?

(sorry for my grammar if it was wrong)


  • cool_ladcool_lad Senior Member IndiaRegistered Users Posts: 2,276
    Combine Line Infantry and heavy cavalry with some artillery of your own. The army has a lot of offensive strength, but it'll be smashed to bits if forced to stand and fight.

    Use your own cavalry to tie up the enemy cavalry while supporting the engagement with your line infantry. Once you've won the cavalry fight, take out the enemy cannons and then force the enemy light infantry into a fight with your line infantry.
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