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What computer and specs do i need to run shogun 2

Kingdom of HeavenKingdom of Heaven Junior MemberPosts: 1Registered Users
Hello everyone, i really love this franchise and havent had the oppurtunity to play this game yet due to the fact that im not very knowledgable on computers. I was just wondering if anyone could help me decide on what computer ( laptop preferrably) to buy to play Shogun 2 or Total War: Empires on Medium or Maximum settings and what type of prices i would face. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Fight on Total War Lovers!!!
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  • DarKDarK Tech Moderator Posts: 639Tech Moderators
    edited September 2011
    It would take a slightly more powerful rig to play STW2 on max than ETW. Also both are very taxing games, CPU especially.
    Keep in mind,a $2000 laptop is probably going to be on par with a $1000 in games. Mobile technology is much more expensive. If you are serious about having a laptop, you'll need to be sure...

    As long as it has a mid-high range GPU, it'll have a reasonable CPU/RAM so no need to worry about it (you probably want 4GB, wont need more even if it's offered - unless free of course).

    I can't hunt laptop prices for you, but if you find one you can post the laptop price/model/specs here and we can recommend it or not.

    Likewise for a desktop, look for at least a decent custom built gaming rig. It doesn't need to be Alienware, only the hardware inside matters. Typcially that means just the HW/OS + construction fee from any physical or online store. You can easily get an amazing PC for around $1000.
  • MIKEMIKE Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited October 2011
    :( thanks im poor lols iyal have to work my way up
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