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Can i run this?

ValEyValEy Posts: 11Registered Users
Hi Guys,
I Wonder If i can Run Attila and three Kingdoms With This Laptop, since my old one doesnt Work properly on my old Laptop.

I7 2760qm 2.4ghz
GeForce GTX 460m
ITS a Alienware 17"

Since im more Into sImulating Battles Than fighting them on my own, i Maybe Dont need that good Hardware?

(Old Laptop Has a HD 5650 grafic Card With 2 GHz an can Run rome 2 in lowest settings With lags Sometimes)


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,541Registered Users
    Nine year old video cards don't get you anywhere with new games. Even nine year old performance cards don't get you anywhere at this point, and those are budget territory.

    Those are pretty equally dirt, same basic capability. It's probably barely functional for Rome 2 like you were managing with the other one, but I can't imagine it will run 3K.
  • ValEyValEy Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thank you for your reply :'(:'(
    So Theres No chance for Attila?
  • ValEyValEy Posts: 11Registered Users
    OK, i Just asked If i could have a try and played rome 2 and Attila. Rome worked perfect and Attila was good too in medium quality.
    Do you think throne of britannia will Work exactly as Attila or better/worse?
    Dont want to spend Money on a Laptop which will Not be good enough for any next total war franchise
    (Just saw that the graphic Card has 4 GB)
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,541Registered Users
    The minimum reqs on TOB are actually the desktop version of the GTX 460, which is a lot more powerful, but at least the same hardware generation as what you're running. As opposed to Attila, which lists the 512MB 8800GT, much older but not hugely less powerful, top end versus bargain card makes up a lot of that generational gap.

    Attila is simply so old, like Rome II, that it's hardware requirements on the video end are very low. While TOB has the same basic engine, and probably with fairly minor improvements, the reqs upgrade implies that it uses a lot more texture space.

    On the other hand, the game is much smaller scale, it's possible it might actually run better on the CPU side of things. It's reasonably sure that the game will function, technically, but I can't make any kind of guarantees on what performance you'd get.

    Older than dirt will at best get you minimal performance on the new ones. This isn't something you can rely on though. My brother actually ran Warhammer with a 460M, but it was truly atrocious performance. You might find it acceptable, you might also crash 30 seconds into loading the campaign map, I just don't know.

    The current generation of video cards are over a thousand times more powerful than what you're running. Literally, not figuratively
  • ValEyValEy Posts: 11Registered Users
    edited February 2019
    Thank you so much.

    Can you recommend any cards which are relatively cheap but With good Performance(Younger cards)? Ive Got my eye on Laptops Like 1050 / 1050ti. Those are 'relatively' cheap With 900 euro compared With others. This one For example (its German but Specs should be readable)
    Link doesnt Work, Just Copy anything by hand :)
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  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,541Registered Users
    That should work pretty well for everything except 3K, that I'm not real certain about. A 1050 Ti is okay for Warhammer around medium to high at 1920x1080. As long as you're okay with moderate graphics, it's probably fine.

    On the higher side of things, Radeon 7, Vega 56 and Vega 64, anything in the RTX 20XX cards, 1060 and up for the GTX, 970's, 980's.

    The bottom you can reasonably do are budget Nvidia like 1050's and 1050 Ti's, midrange cards from older series, RX 580's, 570's. Top end integrated graphics like Vega 8 and 11 or Iris pro 650 will just barely play the new ones, I wouldn't call it pleasant though.

    That system you've linked is right around the bottom for decent performance. You probably can't keep things smooth in double stack fights without knocking down the unit sizes. Ideal for performance would be half again to twice as much money, but if you can up your budget a bit just to get a 1060 instead, it's a much better performer.
  • ValEyValEy Posts: 11Registered Users
    edited February 2019
    Thx psychoak.
    I Just bought a HP With 8gb RAM, 1050 TI a 8 Gen i5 from 2.3 GHz to max 4.0
    I Hope its Working Well With Attila, three Kingdoms and tob and upcoming titles.
    Thank you!!
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