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Altering (_no_upkeep_cost_) into (_upkeep_reduction_) in technology effects

c0urtlandc0urtland Registered Users Posts: 2
So! Vampire Counts two updates ago had a rather JUICY update to Defiler of Ancient Barrows. It completely removed all upkeep to skeleton spearmen and skeleton warriors. This allowed one to effectively WIN the game by turn 18 - as you could spam armies at only the cost of your general. Though mediocre in stats - a flood of them nonetheless can carry any battle.

SO! I wanted SOME challenge when playing my favorite faction - so I sought to alter this to its original value of -10% upkeep.

Therefore I found the _no_upkeep_cost_skeleton line in the Technology_Effect folder and changed -100 to -10.

Because the effect is already _no_upkeep_cost - this really didn't work.

So I tried changing it from _no_upkeep_cost_ into _upkeep_reduction_ and from there I couldn't even get the game to start.

Any help on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated!


  • c0urtlandc0urtland Registered Users Posts: 2
    I think what exacerbates this gross miss-balance is how staggeringly easy it is to get gold chevron skelly fodder.

    You simply recruit a necromancer lord - and with one skill point he gives any skeles/zombs +4 rank. Pair that with the cheap technology which gives +2 rank. That's +6 right off the bat - nevermind the necromancer's tower buffing it further.

    And I can tell you that gold veteran skellies can go toe-to-toe with even some elite infantry - especially given the +8/+8 red skills give them.


    But I want it to be challenging too!

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