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New total war

Mikey09Mikey09 Posts: 7Registered Users
Can there be a total war game .Set in the future and about conquering the Galaxy .If released this game will be named total war galaxy and it will allow you play as multiple human and alien races as you attempt to conquer the galaxy.

The game may mainly be based around building Starfleet's to take on others Starfleet's and ounce the enemy star fleet is destroyed .You may assemble a landing crew to take on every settlement on the planet. Then you may move on to next planet and so troth .


  • TheGreatPamphletTheGreatPamphlet Posts: 167Registered Users
    Νot going to lie, that sounds pretty terrible, Mickey. Science fiction is not my thing, so I hope CA stays away from the stars. That being said, perhaps I'm the minority, but still I doubt there is much excitement about galactic wars.

    Allah, Suriya, Bashar w Bas!
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Posts: 1,210Registered Users
    I don't think so. Would mean making stuff entirely from scratch and changing how all the game works. Along with needing a super computer to cover taking every settlement on a planet. We've never even had all of Earth covered, never mind dozens of worlds.
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